Buzzwords In Libraries 2020

Wednesday, March 11 - Thursday, March 12, Short Island Conference Centre

How Will Your Library Make Use Of Buzzwords In the World Of Tomorrow?

Confirmed Sessions

  • Make Your Library More Like Amazon Using Buzzwords
  • A Quantitative Study of the Experiences of Undergraduate Students Researching Buzzwords at the Neurolinguistic Programming Library
  • Buzzwords: The Past, the New Era, the Opportunities for Libraries!

Keynote Speakers

  • Steve Derbyhatt, Director of Service Innovation, Ramblefields Public Library
  • Dale Derbyhatt, Associate University Librarian of Information Technology, Graduate Scientician Library, North Flatsworth Homeopathic College
  • John Gitsby, Dean of Web Services, Boswell Library, North Flatsworth Homeopathic College